Good morning everyone… It’s a beautiful day :)  (Taken with Instagram)

Good morning everyone… It’s a beautiful day :) (Taken with Instagram)

The BungalowH Accountant- Hossam all smiles everyday! (Taken with Instagram)

The BungalowH Accountant- Hossam all smiles everyday! (Taken with Instagram)

What I’m wearing today….

What I’m wearing today….

                                               Coachella 2012

Last weekend I attended Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs. During the festival designers and magazines throw parties in different hotels in and around Palm Springs, drawing in the fashion crowd from around the world. I attended the Rolling Stone party at the Riveria Hotel and the Addidas party at the Ace Hotel.

The fashion trends I noticed most were one piece cut out bathing suits with maxi skirts and of course millions of different styled denim cut out shorts and tiny ankle boots is the general Coachella attire. 

Some of the biggest musicians in the world headline this festival, this year 2012, Swedish House Mafia, Radiohead, Snoop Dog and Dr Dre were the biggest headliners. Followed by many more artists like The Weeknd, Azzealia Banks, Justice and many many more.

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Zahra Ayub
Fashion Contributor 

Designer Interview: Egyptian Luxury Handbag Designer Nadia Zarkani (Nuniz)

In 2009, Mrs. Nadia Zarkani decided to turn her passion for handbags into a super popular luxury handbag label called Nuniz. Zarkani’s designs are international with a local feel to them, using the best and softest local leather and other elements that make her handbags very unique. Nuniz handbags can be purchased on and We had the pleasure of interviewing her to find out what inspires her and how she managed to make this big a name for herself in the handbag industry. 

How did you get into your career?

A passion for bags made me start Nuniz and the belief that it is possible to make great quality bags in Egypt. And I was not allowed to buy more bags! :)

How many bags do you own?

Way too many!! Too embarrassed to count.

What do you carry in your handbag?

I carry my life. I have 2 children, so I carry anything from Kleenex to lollipops and strange stickers!

What do you like to wear to work?

I like to be comfortable yet ‘stylish’. I work mainly in the workshop so I have to be sure that my clothes don’t ruin easily. I can’t do without my favorite Stephen Sprouse scarf from Vuitton though!

How does the design and production process work? Talk us through the design journey…

It is a team work between myself and my team in the workshop. I can come up with all sorts of crazy ideas and design and they advise if it’s possible to produce. There are times when what was thought not to be technically doable is actually the most creative design. It’s important to be open to change.

What tools do you use to predict trends?

Trends are everywhere. It depends on what you are looking for in a way. Of course the net, magazines are a huge help in deciding where trends are going and what is popular. Traveling  also opens your mind and gives your creative side that extra push when you feel stuck. What works in real life is another thing though. 

How many workers are there in the Nuniz workshop?

Currently eight, including me.

How do you reconcile fashion trends and brand identity?

Nuniz is a brand that is Egyptian, that uses local products, while at the same time keeping with the international trends. We like to incorporate trends that suits our local taste and life style  yet with a mix of international trends. This is quite visible in the use of color and shapes.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by everything around me! I really think I could turn anything into a bag!

What person would you most like to design for? We know French President Sarkozi’s sister-in-law purchased a bag from Nuniz and actress Hend Sabry is always rocking Nuniz on the red carpet..

One day I would like to see Nuniz carried around the world by all women who appreciate good design and quality. It would be nice to see Anna Wintour with a Nuniz, then Egypt would really be on the fashion map! 

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

“Be yourself and trust your instincts.”

Who is the Nuniz woman?

The Nuniz woman, is young, old, Egyptian, international. Basically a woman who knows what she wants and who is not afraid of being different!

What is your favourite item on

Bungalowh has something for everybody, which makes it the best site to go to when looking for a present or when you just want to pamper yourself. I am currently in love with the Lamixx collection!





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Speaking of Kaftan..

Which celebrities think a Kaftan is an essential item in their wardrobes? 

Designer Profile: Soun - Flirty and fun with a vintage feel


Afsoun, SOUN brand creator, has always had a passion for fashion designing . This young designer doesn’t see fashion like an art, but rather like a functionnal tool to bring out woman’s feminity. Impressively skilled and gifted, she is able to master every technical aspect of the clothing industry, from fashion designing to production. Launched in 2005, this young brand, whose creations show a strong personality, already accounts for almost 100 different points of sale, such as le Bon Marché, Pearl, Brand Bazar and Ghazl Banat Boutique here in Egypt. For the ongoing season, Afsoun draws her inspiration from the fifties and sixties, re-interpreting after-war style to make fashionable creations: Claudine trench, Baby Doll dresses using dark and basic colors like pearl grey, anthracite grey, black and natural-coloured fabrics. Those high quality materials are imported from Italy, the style is fluid and destructured, women are sublimated.



Soun dresses and tops are available at Ghazl Banat Boutique at 14 Montazah St., Zamalek, and are available for online purchase through! They’re fun, they’re flirty, and they’re perfect for Spring! Here are Soun designs, available for immediate purchase with same-day shipping in Cairo if ordered before 4PM and Worldwide shipping as well! Not only that, but they’re ALL on Sale!

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Bargain of The Day:  Beautiful and flirty Soun Dress @ Ghazl Banat Boutique Regular Price: LE1,016.50 Special Price: LE612.24 Buy it, wear it, share it!
Bargain of The Day:

Beautiful and flirty Soun Dress @ Ghazl Banat Boutique

Regular Price: LE1,016.50
Special Price: LE612.24

Buy it, wear it, share it!

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In The Bag: 6 Bags We’ll Be Carrying All Summer Long

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